Frequently Asked Questions:


Q How much does it all cost?

At JNV we aim to provide you an excellent service at a price that it is affordable and suits your needs. In addition we offer a huge range of services including engagement shoots, photography, videography, make up and same day edits. Therefore the ‘exact’ cost varies a lot, however photography for weddings starts at $2,500 and videography from $2,200. Prices are all inclusive with no hidden or additional costs. For more specific details, please look under ‘Investments’ of feel free to contact us to book in a time to tailor a package that’s just right for you.

Q Do you price match?

We believe in the quality of our product and service. We believe that excellence takes time, and that you want the best service possible. With those things in mind, we don’t price match because we believe we are worth the investment.

Q Can we have the high resolution files on USB?

Yes, of course you can! As part of our service, we provide your edited high resolution files on DVD & a custom made JNV USB at no extra cost. Some of our packages also include a professionally made album at no additional costs.

Q Will I be charged any additional costs for my photos?

Great question! You need to be careful as there are some photographers that will charge you a ‘cheaper’ price for the day and then charge you for every individual photo. This can end up costing you hundreds. At JNV’s all our packages are all inclusive with no hidden costs or additions.
Q We have a friend who loves photography, can they join you for the day?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we would love to share our experience and knowledge, we believe that your day is all about you and we want you to receive the best service possible. It would be unfair to you to miss a special moment because we are focused on training someone else.

Q Do we get to meet you before the day?

We will definitely have an initial meeting and plan out what packages best suit you. We will then remain in contact throughout the process leading up to the wedding so that the JNV team can accommodate your needs. Throughout that time, if there are any questions, problems or queries, just drop us an email or SMS and we’d be happy to help!

Q We will be getting married interstate or overseas, can you still be our photographer?

Definitely, we would love to be part of your special day, no matter where it is! We have done weddings interstate and overseas and would love to capture yours too. There will be additional travel related expenses (such as transport and accommodation) which we can arrange together!

Q How many photographers/videographers will be shooting our wedding day?

Depending on the package, we can have a team of up to 4 people. This is to ensure that we don’t miss any moments throughout the day. Our team is extremely professional and great fun to work with.

Q We have specific people we want to have photographed, how can we make sure this happens?

Easy, just provide us a list of people you want to have photos with and we’ll ensure that during your special day, we make time to get a fantastic photo with them. By providing a list before the day, we find that it takes a huge weight off your shoulders!

Q When will we have our photos?

Depending on the season (as wedding season can be incredibly busy), we strive to get your photos to you within 4-6 weeks. We will also have a sample of your best photos and ‘same day edit’ to view on our website for your friends and family to see!

Q How do we ensure that we have JNV photography at our wedding?

We work on a first come, first served basis so it’s best to get in early as we book out fast. Please click on the tab that says ‘Contact’ and fill in your details. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to book a time for us to sit down together and work out a package that best suits your needs and budget. We look forward to making your special day amazing! J