Hieu & Lien { Wedding }

H&L HR 068  H&L HR 124 H&L HR 076 H&L HR 071 H&L HR 104H&L HR 111 H&L HR 114 H&L HR 105 H&L HR 142 H&L HR 088 H&L HR 086 H&L HR 083 H&L HR 081 H&L HR 074 H&L HR 073 H&L HR 177 H&L HR 176  H&L HR 156 H&L HR 169 H&L HR 165 H&L HR 161 H&L HR 157 H&L HR 120.H&L HR 040 H&L HR 045 H&L HR 044 H&L HR 047 H&L HR 061 H&L HR 065 H&L HR 049 H&L HR 056 H&L HR 066 H&L HR 052 H&L HR 152.H&L HR 197H&L HR 193H&L HR 196H&L HR 195H&L HR 245H&L HR 255H&L HR 203H&L HR 207H&L HR 211H&L HR 264H&L HR 191H&L HR 216H&L HR 220H&L HR 225H&L HR 233H&L HR 236H&L HR 237H&L HR 238H&L HR 242H&L HR 248H&L HR 251H&L HR 285H&L HR 259H&L HR 255            H&L HR 296H&L HR 340H&L HR 302H&L HR 308H&L HR 319H&L HR 275H&L HR 316H&L HR 322H&L HR 323H&L HR 328H&L HR 357H&L HR 440H&L HR 358H&L HR 360H&L HR 369H&L HR 442H&L HR 445H&L HR 372H&L HR 373H&L HR 380.H&L HR 451H&L HR 384H&L HR 387H&L HR 388H&L HR 400H&L HR 401H&L HR 404H&L HR 406H&L HR 408H&L HR 414H&L HR 420H&L HR 435H&L HR 460.H&L HR 471H&L HR 476H&L HR 475H&L HR 520H&L HR 525H&L HR 542H&L HR 543H&L HR 534H&L HR 538H&L HR 491H&L HR 492H&L HR 494H&L HR 518H&L HR 501H&L HR 511H&L HR 509H&L HR 500H&L HR 498H&L HR 515H&L HR 512.H&L HR 551H&L HR 653H&L HR 557H&L HR 614H&L HR 571H&L HR 573H&L HR 574H&L HR 584H&L HR 586H&L HR 588H&L HR 637H&L HR 633H&L HR 597H&L HR 603H&L HR 640H&L HR 643H&L HR 605H&L HR 646H&L HR 648H&L HR 656H&L HR 655H&L HR 650


Dress – Vera Wang

Suit – Hugo Boss

Flowers – Fabulous Functions, Blooming Bloosoms

Cake – Sugar & Spice

Hair/Make up – Jnvbeauty, Alluring Atelier & Judee Nguyen

Bridal Shoe – Zu Shoe

Groom Shoe – Aquila

Jewellery – Stephanie Browne Austrtalia

Invites/programs – I Do Pockets

Wedding Favours – Picollo Sparking Wines by Linderman Wines

Music/DJ – Aurora Strings ( Garden), DJ Chinky ( Reception )

Decoration & Lighting – Dream Wedding Decor

Videographer – Bernard Lau Films

Photographer – Jnvphotography


That’s not the end of this set ! Our lovely bride and groom has a post wedding shoot with us as well. Check out the following link ..http://jnvphotography.com.au/2013/02/hieu-lien-post-wedding-shoot/